New!! LL Rae Dunn GROW planter LL Rae Dunn DIG / SEED gardening tools LL Rae Dunn BLOOM, GROW, FLOURISH garden markers **************************** Please review all photos before purchase as you will receive exact item pictured. Rae Dunn is known for imperfections and flaws. Please take note of imperfections.
I was told when i purchased this piece that it is from the early 1800s! Pretty good condition. Has all medalians and what i believe are the original pulls. Such a wonderful piece but just do not have room for it anymore!
22 x 18, framed in pretty good condition. Colored pencil originally and poster made from that. Don't know much of the artist and couldn't find him on internet but they are pretty and we had them in a guest room for decoration. Frames may need to be cleaned but both can be immediately hung. Price is for the set.
This is a framed printing on rag paper of original 4 language ship's papers that were pre-Revolutionary War and framed with the image of someone connected to the ship but I haven't researched that yet. The most important thing is that these are original rag paper documents of that era and are fun to place in a den or other area of the home. Museum mounted and framed. We've had them for several ...
We had this made for my son 30 years ago by a master craftsman known for wood working. This is a heavy solidly crafted and beautifully detailed child's rocking horse but it was built to hold 150 pounds. Her "registered"name was Emmy Lou and at the time she was very expensive. She is in great shape. She measures 44 long x 38 high by 19 wide at the rockers. I don't know weight but she's solid oak...
This is a pencil drawing by a fine arts artist signed. The subject is Liza and her baby - two chimpanzees that were rescued and with a sanctuary in Africa. The artist was a fine arts portrait artist from the Himalayas. There is a bit of damage from when it was stored in the corners [puncture hole] which are not big and off to the side and it still will look beautiful framed. The only reason for...
Beautiful original oil already on stretcher bars and can hang as is. Measures 20 x 24. Detailing is beautiful. Great for kitchen or dining area. Allen is a graduate of fine arts - that's all I know.
Framed to museum standards. Has been in our home in guest room for 30 years. Framing alone cost more than asking price. Still great condition, frame and all. Nice addition. Print measures 11 x 14 as from an original issue of Harper's Weekly. Information on print can be found in wikipedia in terms of artist of painting.
These would make for great decor in a woodworking shop or garage. Heavy, metal style clamps. Both for $50 or $30/one. Longer than one foot each.
4 Allith Dated 1903 die Rollers & 10 feet 5 inch round bar with 4 adjustable wall mounts that slide though the groove in the bar. Rusty,Rollers Turn, All offers will be taken Cash only